Electric Blue Veil Tail Guppy

Poecilia reticulata

Peters, 1859

Ah…yes!  This all started with a baby guppy that was given to me by my second grade teacher.  Mrs. Goldberg would have no idea what she started!

I have had countless varieties of guppies over the years, and I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite.  That common guppy baby (fry) that I received turned out to be a carbon copy of the parent that had so fascinated me during that entire school year.  It would have been described as a spear tail or pin tail.

A short time later my family moved to a neighborhood in west Los Angeles, not far from a mall that had a great pet store.  It was called the Golden Pet Center, and it was here that I saw my first ever “fancy guppies”.  They were half-black red delta tailed guppies, and compared to my now fully-grown adult male common guppy, these were huge!  I nearly lost my mind!  I don’t recall whether I bought these with my lunch money or I pestered my mother into getting me a pair, but I ended up with them.  The male was dead the next morning, and naturally, I was traumatized!  Fortunately, the Golden Pet Center had a 3 day guarantee, and I was able bring home another one.

I spent so much time at that pet store that I ended up working there for two summers in a row.  Although I was literally a kid in a candy store,  I was very happy to make next to nothing, and happier still to give nearly every penny I made it back to the pet store’s owner!  I was 8 years old when I started, and I’m pretty sure that there are laws against that type of thing now.   Anyway, this is how my animal obsession got its start.

So… that was a serious stroll down memory lane.    I hadn’t thought of those times in  years!  I’m still looking for a decent pair of half-black red delta tails.  The ones I’ve seen over the past few years aren’t quite as nice.  Anyone reading this with a line on some, please let me know!

As you will notice, because guppies and endlers are small and are constantly darting about, I’ve been finding it difficult to get decent shots of them with the equipment that I tend to use.  I’ll replace the worst of them with better ones as get them.  In the meantime, these can still serve as references.

Electric Blue Veil Tail

I have isolated and have been selectively breeding this phenotype from a strain called Neon Blue Lyre tails that were developed in Japan (pictured below).  I’m calling this Electric Blue Veil tail.  I think that name is fairly descriptive!

Neon-blue Lyretail

These are a number of phenotypes expressed in this strain, including lyretails, bottom swords and top swords.   The darkest pictured are those taken of fish in a community aquarium with tannin-enriched water, thus the bright, neon blue coloring is subdued.

Moscow Black