Paraneetroplus melanurus

Paraneetroplus (Vieja) melanurus (synspilus, synspilum)

Red Head Cichlid, Quetzal Cichlid
Günther, 1862

Distribution:  The Río Usumacinta drainage within Mexico, Belise, and Guatemala.  The locale that I’m currently keeping is Mexican.

Etymology:  Melanurus, Presumed Melanos ouro, Greek for black tail, refering to the caudal band on the holotype for P. malanurus, aka the Black Tailed Cichlid.

Recent reclassification has designated synspilum/synpilus as junior synonyms for melanurus, signifying that the cichlid initially described as P. melanurus and those known P.  synspilum/synspilus are locale-distinct phenotypic expressions of the same species.