Hemigrammus bleheri

Hemigrammus bleheri

Firehead Tetra
Brilliant Rummynose Tetra
Rummynose Tetra
Géry & Mahnert, 1986

Distribution:  Amazon Basin in the Rios Negro, Meta and Atabapo in Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela.

Size:  2″ (5.08cm)

Hemigrammus bleheri is one of three fish commonly as Rummy-nose Tetras.  The others being of the same genus is Hemigramus rhodostomus, the so-called “true” rummy-nose, and Petitella georgiae.  Under satisfactory conditions, H. bleheri is the more colorful of the three, having a head covered completely in deep red which extends beyond the operculum, complared to H. rhodostomus which has the red restricted to the nose area, thus it’s name.  The red in P. georgiae is less vibrant, even under optimal conditions.  It also lacks the  black spot on the bottom of the peduncle present in both H. bleheri and rhostodomus.

A social species best kept in groups, H. bleheri is a shoaling species that will school throughout larger aquaria.   The larger the group, the more striking the display as they dart in and about the aquarium decor in unison.  Heavily planted aquaria with soft, acid, tannin-enriched water (recreating their natural environment) encourages activity and the best coloration.