Agamyxis pectifronis

Spotted Raphael Catfish
Spotted Talking Catfish

Cope, 1870

Distribution:  Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Bolivia
Size: 5 1/2 – 6 inches (approx 150 mm)

These are among the so-called driftwood catfish, which during daylight hours prefer the cover of submerged roots,  branches, trees and macrophytic (aquatic) vegetation typical of flooded forested areas.  Although occasionally active in the home aquarium for daytime feedings, spotted Raphael catfish are a much better choice  when considering a nighttime scavenger.

The croaking sound made by these fish can be heard outside of the aquarium, and is one of the most fascinating aspects of keeping Raphael catfish.  This how they become known as “talking” catfish.

These sturdy  nocturnal feeders scour the aquarium like little army tanks.